Finally! YESSS!!

Ok ya'll.  I was so pumped to be releasing my cover of the ETC hit "What I'd Say."  But...a recent trip back home to Mississippi really had my heart breaking over the whole bro country drama, so I decided I can't be quiet about that any longer.  I'm on call at the hospital a lot this week, but I plan to post a blog elaborating asap.  Meanwhile, feel free to check it out on YouTube (yes, the part about my Paw is a true story!).  In fact, you can go ahead and hear more of the new album on the music page.  

Oh - how I can't wait to share it with you.  I also can't wait to see you on the road!
Love ya'll BIG,

P.S.  Make note it's no longer "April Fraiser."  That's right - ditching the last name.  New record will feature my new artist name....April.  :)


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